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A Cheap Date? You Got It. {Video}

April 29, 2010

Date nights are not only exciting and fun, they are also important. First dates can introduce us to someone who becomes a prominent part of our lives – and other times they teach us what we are or are not looking for in a partner! When in a relationship, date night becomes the time spent together, away from work and other distractions, that really allows you to get to know and explore new things about your significant other. Date nights are also just as important for married couples – a great way to keep the spark, mystery and intrigue of a relationship alive.

Image of Two Shadows Holding Hands

Image Courtesy of fallwithme via Flickr

No matter where you are in a relationship, one thing remains the same: date nights can be expensive! Between the fabulous new outfit, concert tickets and dinner at the hottest restaurant in town, costs can certainly add up quickly. Luckily there are many inexpensive options as well – which can often be more unique and entertaining than the more expensive outings!

The Knot recently featured six date night ideas for under fifteen dollars, including fiesta night and people watching. I was so in love with the concept, that I thought I’d add a few of my own to the mix.

1. Make Like a Scout and Earn Some Badges

Foursquare has made it easy for adults to channel their inner scout and earn some digital badges. Take an afternoon to explore your city, checking in along the way. Some cities, such as Chicago, have created tailored adventures that can earn you badges, such as the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Movie Experience and the Celery Salt Tour. Just make sure you’ve picked up some Girl Scout cookie ice cream for dessert.

2. Hi Ho the Merry-O, The Farmer in the Dell

Farmers Markets are perfect, inexpensive places to spend time wandering, talking and tasting. Never underestimate the power of some fresh baked rolls and dozens of bouquets of bright flowers – perfect for random acts of romance! Find locally grown produce anywhere in the country through Local Harvest.

3. Mi Amor

Nothing says romance like some candlelight, wine and Italian food. What many miss out on, however, is the bonding that forms over cooking a meal together, instead heading to a restaurant. Flatout wraps make the perfect easy pizza crust, which can be topped with everything from mozzarella and basil to pineapple and ham. Just bake the crust at 350 degrees for 1-2 minutes, load up with your favorite toppings and then bake again for another 5-7 minutes. Slice and serve!

Check out our video version of a Flatout Tomato Basil Mozzarella Pizza below!


We’d love to hear your fresh perspective!

  • What’s your favorite thing to do on date night?
  • How do you save money when planning dates?
  • What is your favorite date night memory?

Bon appetit!

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