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5 Ways to Feel Fabulous This Season!

June 3, 2010

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Now that summer is approaching, I want to kick off the season feeling fabulous! The sun is shining (most of the time), the temperature is heating up and the days are longer. It’s the perfect time to get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather. Below are five tips to feel fabulous this season.


Dress up. Regardless if it is day or nighttime or if you’re going out for a night on the town or simply running errands, try wearing something different from what you’re used to wearing. It could be anything from a bright color you never wear, a trendy accessory you would never think to buy to a pair of fun shoes. You’ll be surprised just how great you’ll feel – and how far a small touch can go!

Take a day off. Make it a personal day. Take a day off from work, for no reason other than feeling fabulous. Forget the doctor appointments, the errands, or saving up your days for when you’re sick. Devote a day off just for you. Indulge a bit, but not to the point where you will feel guilty the next day. Go out to a great meal, get a pedicure, spend a day outdoors at a pool. Dedicate a day to yourself and feeling fabulous. You deserve it!

Achieve a goal. We all know that nothing feels more fabulous than achieving a difficult accomplishment that you deliberately set out to do. We’re not asking you to complete a triathlon. This can be any goal or task that you’ve been blowing off. Cleaning out and organizing a cluttered space is extremely rewarding. Think of places you’ve been wanting to get around to cleaning such as the garage, the closet, the basement or the dresser.

Setting an exercise goal is also satisfying, such as walking a farther distance, spending more time working out or adding weight lifting to your regimen. You may also want to achieve a goal of taking up a new interest or hobby such as beading, biking, spinning or knitting. Whatever you choose as your goal, be realistic about your expectations but make sure it is challenging enough so that you’ll feel accomplished once you’ve completed it. Go get ‘em!

Have a girl’s night. We’re all guilty of letting our busy schedules supersede our social lives. Sometimes our family, commitments, work and plans get so out of control that we forget how much fun it is to hang out with the girls. Plan a night with your girl friends to get together and catch up. Activities such as grilling, going out for dinner or throwing a cocktail, backyard or cooking party are fun activities that are conducive to catching up. No movies or plays where you aren’t able to sit down and chat – it will be fabulous to catch up with friends!

Give. Give something to someone else. Donate your time by volunteering for a cause you believe in. Or, donate clothes and household items to a charity you want to support. Give a friend a nice card “just because.” Prepare dinner or baked goods for a family member or friend who has been especially busy lately. Giving, generosity and helping others is as fabulous as it gets!


We’d love to hear your fresh perspective!

  • What makes you feel fabulous?
  • What do you do when you want to set out and achieve a goal?
  • What’s the most fabulous thing about the summer season?

Bonne chance!

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