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Get A Move On…Literally

June 17, 2010

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Moving is never fun. All the packing, wrapping, lifting and sorting that goes into moving all your worldly possessions from one household to another is just about enough to drive a person mad.

Moving Boxes

That is exactly where I found myself last night. Mad. Mad that I had spent a majority of my night shifting things from shelves into boxes – and still had three rooms full of items that had yet to be touched. On top of that, I had missed my workout and was feeling frustrated that I didn’t have time to hit the gym. As I slouched exhausted onto the couch, staring at my mountain of boxes, it hit me that just because I didn’t make it to the gym didn’t mean that I hadn’t  gotten in my workout.

The realization that moving is a workout prompted me to do some research and come up with some hard numbers. What I found was SparkPeople’s calorie calculator – a tool allows you to figure out the number of calories you burn doing everyday tasks, based on your weight and the time you spent executing each particular activity.

Scrolling through their calculator options, I realized that some of the things I do for fun are actually good workouts. I created the below chart of some of my favorites to get you started. Take a look and then head over the site and calculate numbers based on your own weight and daytime routine.

Fitness Chart

Information based on a 140 pound female.

Realizing that I had gotten a workout in while I packed, not only made me feel better, but actually motivated me to get started again the next morning. So the next time you find out your friend is moving, do both of you a favor and volunteer to help out for the afternoon. It will do your body and spirit good!


We’d love to hear your fresh perspective!

  • Do you ask friends or hire help when you move?
  • What daily activities do you participate in that get you moving?
  • Have you ever been part of a weekly sports team that is fun and active?
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