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Three FAB BlogHer Attendees You Should Know: Part One

July 5, 2010

As we had mentioned last week, Jill and Jenn (the social media team helping us here at Flatout) will be attending BlogHer 2010 on our behalf in August. They are so excited to meet fellow bloggers and writing enthusiasts, that they decided to kick things off early by profiling three amazing female blogger attendees every Monday leading up to the conference.

While this is the perfect chance for BlogHer attendees to start meeting fellow bloggers, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to know them if you aren’t attending! Think of it as a fabulous tour of the web – a chance to be exposed to some sites you may not have spotted before!

This week’s profile features three women who collectively have:

  • swam with five different species of sharks
  • read through the Dr. Seuss series
  • survived on a diet of solely cheese, coffee and chocolate – almost


Caitlin White

Name: Caitlin White (@pacifierpocket)

Resides In: Baltimore, MD

Blogs At:

Favorite Movie Character: Katie in The Way We Were.  I love that is just herself, even though it is hard at time.  The entire concept of the world being made up of “simple girls” and “Katie girls” (Thank you, Sex and the City) is so true.

If I were a fruit, I would be: A coconut.  I big puffy air heart coconuts.  They are delicious.  Fruity drinks come served in them with little paper umbrellas.  They smell yummy.  I use coconut body mist for perfume most days.  They remind me of my Jamaican honeymoon.  Mmm…coconut.

Addicted to: Audio books and my digital camera.  I have a long commute and listening to books keeps me sane.  I listen to at least a book a week, so I’m always looking for suggestions to add to my iPod Touch! I carry my camera everywhere I go and I’m slowly teaching myself Photoshop.

Currently Reading: Bullet by Laurell K. Hamilton and Dead In The Family by Charlaine Harris.  So, obviously, I have a thing for vampires.  Er, yup.  You caught me.

You Should Know: I’m totally obsessed with sharks.  I’ve actually swam with five different species of them.  I was a Marine Science major in college and I am insanely jealous of those guys on Expedition Great White. I have a Hammerhead tattoo on my back.



Name: Brandie Harris (@freesamplefreak)

Resides In: Texas

Blogs At:

Favorite Movie Character: Will Ferrell

If I were a fruit, I would be: Oh, no question about it. I’m a Peach all the way! 😉

Addicted to: Blogging, Coffee, Free Samples, Coupons, oh I could go on and on!

Currently Reading: HaHaHa, I have a 4 and 5 year old. I read Dr. Seuss! They will BOTH be in school this coming school year though and I am prepared to read the whole Twilight Series. 🙂

You Should Know: that I am a big Goofball, I love to laugh. I am married with two kids and am loving life! I’ve always been a “talker” so I have no problem meeting people and making new friends. 🙂 My blog has become my passion and I love sharing deals that I find with my friends and family….and of course to all my readers on my blog! I also love to interact with my readers as well in my chatroom. We have a lot of laughs! Feel free to stop by anytime and join in the conversation!


Bailey of Makeover Momma

Name: Bailey Vincent Clark (@makeovermomma)

Resides In: Super small town in Virginia

Blogs At:

Favorite Movie Character: I always felt like I was a mix of Jo and Beth from Little Women (I have to say, I’ve always loved the new version of this movie). Jo, because I have always been a writer since a very young age (and simply can’t function unless I’m writing), and Beth because her biggest priority is her family. And frankly? I love how Beth is curled up with a warm blanket and good book in most scenes. Yes, it might be that whole “Scarlett fever” thing, but I would almost always rather curl up and stay in, then go out. (Yep, I’m pretty lame).

If I were a fruit, I would be: A pineapple. Weird choice, right? It’s partially because pineapple is simply my favorite fruit (maybe because it tastes so dang good when frozen, blended and spiked?), but also because pineapple is easily misjudged f0r it’s exterior… but inside, it’s about the sweetest thing you’ve ever eaten! I at least try to be as sweet as possible in the way I treat others (even if I do get “prickly” when my 4 year old starts throwing a tantrum).

Addicted to: If I could subsist on a diet consisting entirely of cheese, coffee and chocolate…I would (and maybe have even tried a few times). I drink way too much coffee (with more creamer in it than coffee itself), even though I successfully gave up caffeine with my second pregnancy. And frankly, a world without chocolate (or peanut butter, or any combination thereof), just might not be worth living.

Currently Reading: A cliche mystery book that my mother gave me. I am the “baby” of 5 children, and my mother is still constantly pushing cheesy mystery books in my direction (even if I have officially “grown up”). I resisted this one at first, but read a few pages and was hooked! I’m also trying to read any books I can get my hands on for American Sign Language (since I wear hearing aids but never learned to sign). Although after two babies, I feel proud if I retain any ounce of information (let alone a whole new language).

You Should Know: I am a full-time mother with both my girls (they are homeschooled), which means that everything going on during Makeover Momma has to be done during quick naps, early mornings or late night writing sessions. Some days I desperately wish I had a babysitter so I could get a few hours of focused work, but thus far it’s worth it to be privy to their milestones, baby steps and growth throughout childhood. Will I always be working full-time and mommy-ing full-time?Who knows! I have decided to stop making plans and take life as it comes. (But if you want to come over and babysit? I won’t fight ya!)


Want to be one of our featured BlogHer attendees? Send your picture and answers to the above questions to

We’d love to hear your fresh perspective!

  • Would you be brave enough to swim with some sharks?
  • Do you have a favorite Dr. Seuss or Twilight book?
  • What is your favorite combination of peanut butter and chocolate?

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