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Seven FAB BlogHer Attendees You Should Know: Final Edition

August 2, 2010

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It’s BlogHer week and we are anxiously preparing for what will surely be a great conference in NYC! It seems we’re not the only one’s gearing up – as we were overwhelmed by the influx of profiles we received in the last week. So in honor of the conference, our last profile will be a supercharged edition, featuring {the lucky number} seven bloggers! If you’ve missed the previous profiles, or want to take one more peek before arriving in NYC, you can check them all out below.

This week’s profile features seven women who collectively have:

  • been in a contestant on Jeopardy!
  • spent a year in the UK working as a nurse
  • fallen in love with Richard Dreyfuss in “Whose Life is it Anyway?”
  • become addicted to Bret Michael’s Trop-A-Rocka Diet Snapple
  • dug Eat, Pray, Love out of storage after seeing a preview for the movie
  • recently discovered a superstition
  • gone from kids to cars



Name: Elizabeth Peterson (@mintcool)

Resides In: Los Angeles, CA

Blogs At:

Favorite Movie Character: Gordon Gekko in “Wall Street,” utterly entertaining. He says things like: “You want a friend? Get a dog.”

If I were a fruit, I would be: a blueberry, because they are very good for you.

Addicted to: Dunkin’ Donuts Hazelnut coffee, which I must brew at home because there are NO Dunkin Donuts in California!!!

Currently Reading: the manual for my new fridge.

You Should Know: I’ve lived in a few countries, speak a few languages and was a contestant on Jeopardy.

Caryn Bailey

Name: Caryn Bailey (@rockinmama)

Resides In: Aliso Viejo, CA

Blogs At:

Favorite Movie Character: Scarlett (Vivien Leigh) in Gone With the Wind….she is strong-willed, brave, controversial, and forward thinking.

If I were a fruit, I would be: A strawberry…I’m sweet all the way through!

Addicted to: all things Chocolate!  Especially dark chocolate.

Currently Reading: Whatever my son picks out from his library

You Should Know: That I LOVE to travel.  As a nurse, I spent almost one year living and working in the UK to travel and immerse myself in another culture.

Linda Perry

Name: Linda Perry (@Peachhead)

Resides in: Venice, CA

Blogs at: (not exactly a blog but a parenting community)

Favorite Movie Character: Richard Dreyfuss – loved the role he played in “Whose Life is it Anyways”…has stuck with me for many years

If I were a fruit, I Would Be: a raspberry – it goes great in my chocolate raspberry martini drink! 🙂

Addicted to: Chocolate –  great now you got me thinking about chocolate…be right back.

Currently Reading: Infidel (for my book club) but just finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (loved it).

You Should Know: I love meeting people, socializing, and drinking martinis….New York here I come! 🙂 Oh yeah, I am happily married (thanks hubby for letting me escape for so long), and I have two awesome daughters ages 9 and 12 who are very jealous that I am going to New York without them.

Romy Shorr

Name: Romy Schorr (@romyraves)

Resides in: Los Angeles, California

Blogs at:

Favorite Movie Character: The Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz, because she is green (my fav color), she has ‘tude, her own style, and is unconventional/beats to her own drum like me! 🙂

If I were a fruit, I would be: A cherry – because they are sweet and sour, full of juicy flavor, and they are special, seasonal and you don’t find them year round/everywhere.

Addicted to: All the fresh, juicy, full flavored tasty summer fruits (especially nectarines) and Bret Michael’s Trop-A-Rocka Diet Snapple (a yummalicious combo of mango and pineapple).

Currently Reading: New Moon by Stephenie Meyer – a perfect summer Chic-Lit read and I am totally addicted to these vampire romance angst stories.

You Should Know: That I am totally comfortable speaking in public and tend to come alive when I am in front of a group of people (or a camera) talking about what I am passionate about! My dream is to be well-known lifestyle and beauty trends expert so that I can help women (especially 40+) feel more beautiful by sharing insider beauty tips and tricks.

Stacie Connerty

Name: Stacie Haight Connerty (@StacieinAtlanta)

Resides In: Atlanta, GA

Blogs At:,, and

Favorite Movie Character: I love Giselle from Enchanted. She is adorable and a good role model for my daughters. She gets the man of her dreams and has a career. My entire family loves the movie.

If I were a fruit, I would be: a Kiwi. Good tasting alone or in a margarita!

Addicted to: Reality shows. Not the game show or competitive ones but pretty much anything else. I am also addicted to always being connected. I checked email on my honeymoon. Black jellybeans. Red licorice. Sweet baby kisses. Hugging my children.

Currently Reading: Eat, Pray, Love – I saw the preview of the movie and remembered that I bought the book about  year ago. I found it still in the bookstore bag and decided to give it a read.

You Should Know: I have been married almost 10 years and have three beautiful children.

Ashley Albert

Name: Ashley Albert (@Pluckypea)

Resides In: New York City

Blogs At:, and

Favorite Movie Character: Willy Wonka…the GENE HACKMAN version…He was the perfect combination of light and dark, sweet and sour, old and young, simple and complicated…and with access to REALLY good snacks.

If I were a fruit, I would be: a lemon…versatile, bright and bracing.

Addicted to: working. Really shoud’ve gotten addicted to napping instead.

Currently Reading: Reading?? Who had time for reading? I’m just trying to finish the salad I bought for lunch 8 hours ago.

You Should Know: I didn’t know I was superstitious until I was faced with a ladder blocking the sidewalk and at the last minute, I went around it. I didn’t know I couldn’t spell superstitious until I wrote that last sentence. I’ll try anything twice and believe deeply in third chances. I strive for the perfect lunch everyday. I used to be afraid of failure, but now I’m just afraid of not following through. And snakes.

Yoly from Cuponeando

Name: Yoly Mason (@CuponeandoLive)

Resides In: Metro Atlanta, GA

Blogs At: and

Favorite Movie Character: Lara Croft. Angelina Jolie is one of my favorite actresses and this is one of hers that I love.

If I were a fruit, I would be: a Mango! Sweet and tropical. Mangoes can be in sweet or savory dishes, just as my rich bicultural life.

Addicted to: Skinny Vanilla Lattes

Currently Reading: Living Organized by Sandra Felton – I’m working on getting organized and hope to pick some tips on finding some work/family balance.

You Should Know: My husband is my best friend, teammate and some times vlogging partner – although I wish he knew a little Spanish. We treat our two muscle cars as our kids now that we are empty nesters. We love to save buy using coupons and sales so we can travel more.


We’d love to hear your fresh perspective!

  • What part of the country do you reside in?
  • Which blogger from our BlogHer profiles can you most relate to?
  • If your attending BlogHer, what day are you arriving in NYC?

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  1. August 3, 2010 5:10 pm

    So humble to be part of this group of great ladies. BlogHer will be lots of fun and looking forward to meeting you!


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