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Purchasing Guilt-Free Food at Guilt-Free Prices

August 20, 2010

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We know from experience that sometimes the healthier you try to eat, the more money you end up spending. It is often challenging to save cash when saving calories and fat. As a result, we did some research and came up with the below tips on how to eat guilt-free foods at guilt-free prices. In fact, when you start saving money on guilt-free foods, you’ll be feeling – and looking – fabulous!

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5 Tips for Buying Guilt-Free Food at Guilt-Free Prices

1. Control the portion on your own.

Portion control is important, but you don’t have to buy pre-portioned packages that can get extremely pricey. In most cases, you are paying for the packaging and are getting a significantly smaller amount of product for a heftier price than if you bought the original. Buy the snacks you love and a pack of plastic bags, and portion out the food yourself. If 15 Flatout Crisps are 120 calories, manually count out 15 Crisps. That way, you know you are only consuming 120 calories. It is the ideal compromise; you are getting a lot more product for your money, without compromising your calorie control.

2. Go bulk or go home.

We’re not saying you must always go bulk because it is not necessarily the most budget-friendly way to buy food. However, if there’s a guilt-free food you absolutely love and enjoy every day, buy it in bulk. There are especially great deals at stores that sell in bulk such as Costco and Sam’s Club. Also, look for discounted bulk versions of your favorite products at your local grocery store.

3. Chill out.

The freezer aisle offers fruit, veggies and meats for great prices. Buy your favorites in larger quantity bags and stock up for months while saving big bucks. For example, Trader Joe’s has a wonderful and inexpensive variety of frozen poultry, fruits and veggies. And did you know? You can also freeze Flatout products for up to six months!

4. Become a regular at your farmers’ market.

Farmers’ markets offer a variety of significantly cheaper produce. Not only will you save money by buying fruits and veggies at the farmers’ market, but you’ll also love how fresh everything is. It is also a fun weekend morning activity. Bring cash, friends and even your dog. Your wallet will thank you!

5. Let’s make a deal!

And last but certainly not least, keep your eye out for great deals. You will be surprised how much “one dollar off” adds up. Grocery stores offer a variety of specials and retailer-specific coupons that you can find on grocery store websites and circulars. Also, online grocery shopping on sites such as Amazon or Peapod often include special offers such as free shipping. There are also many online couponing sites that have several great offers as well.

Happy [guilt-free] shopping!


We’d love to hear your fresh perspective!

  • How do you save money on healthy foods?
  • What is your favorite must-have food that is budget-friendly, too?
  • Do you shop in bulk or belong to stores like Costco or Sam’s Club? Why or why not?
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