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Flatout Meets Family Circle! {Video}

September 2, 2010

Flatout Family LogoDuring our recent trip to New York City, the Flatout team had the opportunity to stop by the test kitchens of Family Circle magazine! We had a wonderful time talking with members of the staff and preparing some of our favorite wrap and FOLDit recipes for everyone to try.

Stacey’s daughter Madison (and Megan, too!) got to work on slicing strawberries for our PB&J with SB&G wrap, as well as the Sweet-N-Crunchy pictured on the right.

Madison Prepping FoodBlueberry Wraps

The end results were delicious! Combined with a few fun FOLDit dishes, we were ready to eat!

Sweet-N-Crunchy WrapPB&J with SB&G Wrap

We had a marvelous time learning more about the Family Circle team in between bites. Our favorite part was learning about their various social media platforms.

  • Follow them on Twitter for fun, family-friendly tweets!
  • Share the love – or “like,” in this case – with them on Facebook!
  • Check out their awesome blog for moms called Momster!

It was a wonderful afternoon and before we left, our team had the opportunity to chat with Family Circle’s Food Director, Regina Ragone, M.S., R.D. about why she’s a fan of Flatout! As a self-proclaimed lifelong Weight Watchers member, Regina enjoys the way Flatout allows her to satisfy her love for bread in a healthy, tasty and low points way.

Check out her video below!

Thanks to the Family Circle team for the fun and delicious experience!


We’d love to hear your fresh perspective!

  • Are you a Family Circle subscriber? What’s your favorite part of the magazine?
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