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Tips for Getting Into the Back-to-School Routine

September 5, 2010

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It’s that time of year again.

As summer’s ending, your family is most likely preparing to go back to school – or maybe already has! Although exciting, the transition from summer vacation to the school year can be a bit hectic.

Over the years, I’ve learned some foolproof ways to make this season less hectic in my household. Below are my favorite tips on making the back-to-school transition as easy and stress-free as possible.

  1. Plan and lay out outfits the night before. Don’t assume this activity is limited to your kids. Plan your own outfit the night before. I check the weather the night before, and then work with my kids to plan their outfit and my own. Lay or hang the outfit to avoid wrinkles and include everything from socks to jewelry.
  2. Pack lunches the night before. This one’s simple, but a huge time saver! It’s become a post-dinner, pre-dessert tradition in our house for everyone to pitch in and get the next day’s lunch packed. As many of you already know, making a habit out of this practice can be the biggest stress reliever of them all!
  3. Make Breakfast Easy. No matter how prepared you are, things always do get busy in the morning – and cramming in breakfast before the bus comes can prove tricky. As you get back in the morning groove, keep it simple. Make breakfast that is not only easy to prepare, but can also be taken on-the-go if necessary. Yogurt, fruit, cereal, oatmeal, and granola bars are great options.
  4. Make iced coffee the night before. Waking up to a cup of joe is a must for some of us. If you are one of those people, make coffee the night before, and refrigerate it. While it’s still warm out, add some ice the next morning, for a refreshing start to the day. If you prefer hot coffee, pre-program your coffee maker to brew automatically.
  5. Early to bed, early to rise. Schedule a slightly earlier bedtime for the kids – since often times it takes them longer to wind down that anticipated. I like my kids in bed, lights off, by 9:00, so I tell them they have to be in bed by 8:15. Use the additional time under the covers to sneak in some family reading, or storytelling.
  6. Get a family calendar. Put together a family calendar where everyone can include school activities and appointments. I’m a big fan of Sandra Boynton’s Mom calendar collection. This will teach your children the value of organization and planning, and it will also ensure that everyone in your family is on the same page.

We want to hear your fresh perspective?

  • How do you make back-to-school season less hectic?
  • What’s your biggest challenge when preparing for back-to-school and how do you conquer it?
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