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ChopChop Fights Child Obesity By Getting Kids in the Kitchen

September 10, 2010

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Here at Flatout, we love to get kids into the kitchen! We know that when they help prepare the meals, they are more willing to try new things – which is great when you’re interested in including new, fresh foods into your family’s diet.

Recently we were connected with some passionate people who are dedicated to getting kids across America into the kitchen and cooking – and we couldn’t be more excited about how they’re doing it!

ChopChop Magazine Cover

Right now, across the country, ChopChop Magazine is being distributed at pediatrician’s offices, children’s hospitals, and youth-based community organizations, as well as to selected schools, farmers markets, and grocery stores. If you’re looking for a copy, you can order a subscription online.

The magazine is full of delicious (and nutritious) recipes, food facts, Q/As and games. We recently received our first issue, and are eagerly planning to try out recipes for Chinese Congee and Crispy Carrot Fries. However, it’s the new publication’s motto that most thoroughly impressed and intrigued us:

ChopChop’s vision is to reverse and prevent childhood obesity.

How simple, yet powerful. And something we all need to get behind, whether by reading the magazine, cooking a meal a week with our children or making simple swaps in our family’s dietary choices.

Everyone’s actions add up, and together we make one powerful team!

So how can you get started?

It’s a new school year, which means fresh beginnings!

Starting on Monday, we will be featuring a month’s worth of recipes and tips from moms who are working to pack healthy, quick lunches for their kids on a daily basis. One lunch menu will be posted each day (Monday-Friday) for the next month – including a video by the mom who created it!

Our hope is that you gain at least one healthy meal option; one you can feel good putting in your child’s lunch – and that they’re excited to eat!

Brownie points, if they help make and pack it! 🙂


We’d love to hear your fresh perspective:

  • What recipes do your kids love to help you make?

Bon appetit!


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