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Healthy Back-to-School Lunch Options: Chicken + Cheese Crisps

September 28, 2010

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One of the most wonderful (sarcasm) things about Back to School is the germs. Yep, we got one and M decided to share with the household. Anyone who thinks my kid can’t share is WRONG!

While we’re trying to get our tummies back to normal, we’ve decided to keep our eating light for the last few days. My idea was to make some soup with the Flatout Multigrain Crisps, but she had another idea. Yep, she had so much fun making the sandwich last time that she wanted to do it again.

Healthy Lunch Day 12

Here’s what we used:

  • Flatout Multigrain Crisps
  • Shaved Rotisserie Chicken
  • Gouda (Gouda is gooda)
  • Go-Gurt
  • Capri Sun
  • Carrots
  • A grape (yep, just one)

You can also add some soup to this and make it a full meal or take off the top crisp and make it a light snack! You could even throw some slices of apple on there (thank you, Rachel!)!



We’d love to hear your fresh perspective!

  • How do your family meals and lunches change when one – or more – of you doesn’t feel well?
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  1. October 1, 2010 9:16 am

    Our whole family changes what they eat when one of us gets sick.. and with a family of six that is a BIG deal. We all eat just a bit lighter. Those who get the bug though get to nosh on the “Sick Tray” sounds gross I know.. but it’s really a nice breakfast tray that I gussy up with tissues, a special cup, vitamin C drops and I stuff the pockets on the side with crayons, books, paper and things to keep the sicko happily quarantined from the rest of the troops. Well accept for me.. but hey mom NEVER gets sick right?


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