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It’s National School Lunch Week: What’s On Your Tray?

October 14, 2010

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Here at Flatout, we are passionate about supporting healthy eating habits and active lifestyles for children across the US – and we know it’s important to you as well!

Our healthy back-to-school lunch initiative was just the beginning of what we want to become an ongoing discussion about what we feed our kids in school and at home.

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National School Lunch Week

If you didn’t already know, President Obama proclaimed this week National School Lunch Week, stating that “no child should have to learn on an empty stomach.”

We firmly believe that every child should have the option to eat a nutritious lunch during the school day, whether brought from home or provided by the school – which is why we are happy to celebrate and promote this weeklong event!

How Can We Celebrate?

The School Nutrition Association recently launched a great site that let’s your children complete a quiz to understand what their favorite foods and activities reveal about them.

What's On Your Tray Characters

Have them take it to decide whether they are balanced, radiant, strong, chilled or creative! It’s an interactive way to spark a discussion about nutritious eating with your kids.

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We’d love to hear your fresh perspective!

  • Do you consider the lunches served at your school a nutritious option for your children?
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