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Simple Processed Food Costume Ideas

October 28, 2010

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This Halloween Jamie Oliver and Chipotle think you should “dress to kill” – as processed food, no less!

Jamie Oliver in CostumeSource

Want to support the cause and score your $2 meal, but are at a loss about what to wear? Never fear, here are some simple costumes ideas for the whole family.

Frozen Pizza

  • Cut two giant circles from a cardboard box.
  • Using markers, color one circle to look like the top of a frozen pizza, leaving the other circle tan to represent the crust.
  • Using two belts or string, attach the circles together so they can be draped over your shoulders.
  • Paint your face blue, to represent being cold – aka frozen!

Bag of Chips

  • Cut a head and two arm holes in a garbage bag, leaving the bottom untied for your legs.
  • Using permanent markers, label your chip bag, as desired.
  • Pull costume over head and carefully fill with balled up newspaper from the bottom.
  • Tie garbage bag tightly around waist to keep newspaper in.
  • Proceed to “crunch” whenever anyone gets close enough to touch your costume.

Whether you use one of these costume ideas or come up with your own, make sure to capitalize on the discussion the experience can foster with your children. What better thing to discuss over $2 burritos, tacos or salad than the importance of eating fresh foods as much as possible!

Oh, and don’t forget to snap a photo and submit it, for your chance to win their costume contest!

Of course, we want to see it as well!

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We’d love to hear your fresh perspective!

  • What are you and/or your family planning to dress up as this year?
  • Are you planning to visit Chipotle?

BOO-n appetit!

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  1. Julie M permalink
    October 28, 2010 3:13 pm

    Pin smarties to your pants and be a ‘smartie pants’. 🙂

    Get a clear plastic bag to wear and fill w/ colored balloons to be a bag of jelly beans.

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