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#FlatoutHolidayFun: The After Party

December 14, 2010

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We are delighted to share Lara DiPaola’s “after party” recap of the #FlatoutHolidayFun this weekend. Not only did the party feature some delicious food – it also benefitted a wonderful cause. Enjoy!


Friends, giving back, laughs and lots of amazing food were the foundations on which the Flatout Holiday Fun party I hosted were built. Come to think of it, those are a pretty good foundation for any party, really. Building a party is much like building a house. Start with a good plan and a great foundation and the rest comes together much easier. The fun part comes in filling that house or party! My elves and I had our hands full “filling” this party of roughly forty adults and a gaggle of gleeful kiddos.

The key to keeping everyone happy? Feed them! Luckily, Flatout had my back.

Photo courtesy of Adryon’s Kitchen

The biggest hit with the grown-ups – other than the wine bar, ha ha – were the platters overflowing with panini. The hands down favorites had to be the apple, turkey and brie.

Apple Turkey Brie Flatout FOLDit Panini


  • 2 packages FOLDit Traditional Country
  • 1 pound oven-roasted turkey breast (sliced thin at your deli counter)
  • 3 granny smith apples
  • 2 8-ounce rounds of brie
  • ¼ cup spicy brown mustard
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil


Peel and core apples, then slice into ⅛-inch rounds. Remove rind from brie and slice enough to fill each FOLDit (because brie melts very well,  you’ll only need 2-3 slices per panini). Place two slices of brie on one half of your FOLDit and layer on turkey. Top with two apple slices and the remaining brie. Slather the empty side of the FOLDit with mustard to taste.

Fold it!

Brush the top with olive oil, place on your panini press oiled side down. Brush the top and set your press plate down. Don’t worry if some of the cheese “escapes” – as soon as you remove it from the press it will start to solidify into a lovely, lacy crust. Cut in halves or quarters (my guests devoured halves and I think doing quarters may have started a riot over who got the most).

The kids had a different take on their favorite for the evening. They went for dunking their gingerbread man shaped Flatout into pools of marshmallow fluff, peanut butter and Nutella, then topping them off with sliced banana, mini chocolate chips and butterscotch bits. What is it with kids and dips?

Each guest left with a big box of cookies provided by the kitchens of my guests. I break with cookie exchange tradition and let my guests build their own boxes filled with the cookies they liked most rather than asking them to bring pre-wrapped cookies by the dozen. It’s less work for the baker and more fun to “fight” for your favorites. The favorite this year was without a doubt the BACON cookies. YES, real bacon. I’m working on bribing the recipe out of that guest.

Photo courtesy of Adryon’s Kitchen

What was the best part of this evening of Flatout fun, holiday cheer and great food? My guests brought along the spirit of giving. We collected nearly one HUNDRED pounds of food and twenty pairs of mittens for the local family shelter! Giving back is the best gift any of us can give.

Happy Holidays from Casa DiPaola


We’d love to hear your fresh perspective:

  • What is your favorite gift to give the holiday party host or hostess?
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