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7 Indoor Activities To Keep Your Kids Active Through The Winter Months

December 31, 2010

If there’s a mom who knows about fitness, it’s Jennifer Gerlock of Hip As I Wanna Be. Earlier this month she shared her experience running the New York Marathon – something that inspired not only our readers, but her own children. Today we’re excited to share some of her tips for keeping kids active through the winter months, when the weather makes it more difficult to get out and play!

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Any parent knows that keeping kids active when the weather turns cold can take some real creativity.

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Between the freezing temperatures and the early darkness, it is extremely easy for the entire family to slip into a more sedentary mode.

As the mom of two boys who could easily get sucked into hours of video games and television, I have had to get mighty creative to make sure my little men stay active throughout winter. (Helping them stay active also serves me well – less tendency for mom to pack on the winter pounds!)

Here are some ideas for keeping your family moving all winter long:

Take Advantage of Technology

Kids love video games, right? Use it to your advantage and get the whole family involved! Work up a sweat with a gaming system that makes them get physical. Good choices? Wii or the brand new XBox Kinect which uses the player’s entire body as the controller. Kinect technology keeps kids jumping, moving and dancing up a sweat.

Test thing about using this strategy? They don’t even realize they are getting a workout!

Discover Indoor Resources

It is time to do a little investigating into indoor facilities. Visit your local gym to see if they have an indoor pool, running track or basketball court your family can take advantage of. Ever been ice skating? Most indoor rinks offer family skating times or classes.

Shake Your Booty!

Dancing is a fantastic and fun way to burn calories and get your body moving. Is there anything cuter than watching your little one dance the night away? Encourage your kids to pick the music, then crank it up and boogie!

Put the Mall to Good Use

It might be too cold to take an outdoor stroll, but you can still get healthy by taking the family to the nearest mall. Malls make a terrific indoor walking track. No cheating! Be sure to walk up the stairs instead of hopping on the escalators and try to avoid the food court while you are there!

Clean Up Your Act

Moms love to multi-task, right? Involve the kids in the house cleaning. Be sure to pick jobs based on their age and capability. Turn up the tunes and make it fun!

Classes Galore!

Winter is the perfect time to enroll your children in an instructional class like gymnastics, dancing, martial arts, indoor soccer or swimming. Be sure to experiment and keep their interest, anything that will get him or her excited about staying active.


How many times have we squashed our children’s natural tendencies to run, jump and roll around? Winter is the perfect time to rekindle “play.” Get in there and wrestle with the little ones! Create and obstacle course from pillows and couch cushions. Hop on one foot! Challenge each other to a jump roping contest!

There is no denying that keeping kids active is important to their overall well being. By instilling physical activity in their lives now, we teach them good habits that will last a lifetime!

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We’d love to hear your fresh perspective:

  • How do you help your family stay active through the winter months?
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  1. January 2, 2011 1:37 pm

    play, play, play all winter long!!


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