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Reinvent Thanksgiving Leftovers

November 23, 2014
Image courtesy of Instagram Friend @xxheatherrr)

Image courtesy of Instagram Friend @xxheatherrr)

On the day-after-Thanksgiving, meals are always a no-brainer. Leftovers. In fact, in most households, meals are a no-brainer a week or two after Thanksgiving. While we #FlatoutLove leftovers (sometimes even more than the meal itself!), it’s important to keep them interesting and mix it up. After all, no matter how delicious your Thanksgiving dinner was, there’s no reason to repeat it for every meal afterwards. Here are some ways to reinvent your Thanksgiving leftovers:

Chopped Salad: Chop up your favorite veggies and top with sliced turkey. One of our favorite chopped salad combos is: chick peas, carrots, celery, peas, tomatoes, black beans, dried cranberries, and a bit of cheese sprinkled on top such as feta.

Warm Chopped Salad: Take leftover veggies from your Thanksgiving dinner, chop them up, and add chopped lettuce. You would be surprised how much flavor the veggies add to the lettuce. You may not even dress.

Thanksgiving Flatout Flatbread Pizza: Top a Flatout Flatbread or Flatout Flatbread Thin Crust Pizza with chopped turkey, your favorite cheese, and your favorite toppings.

Turkey Foldit: Fold up turkey, swiss cheese and honey mustard for a warm, savory meal.

Filling Breakfasts: Add a combo of your favorite leftovers (turkey, potatoes, veggies and whatever else you want to include!) into a pan for a hearty omelette or scrambler. You probably won’t even need the yolk, because of the leftovers’ flavor.

Turn Sides into the Main Dish: Drop the fork! Fold up or wrap up your favorite sides.

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